Gorean Year

Month of En’Kara (The First Turning) 
First Hand: March 21-March 25 
Second Hand: March 26-March 30 
Third Hand: March 31-April 4 
Fourth Hand: April 5-April 9 
Fifth Hand: April 10-April 14 
First Passage Hand: April 15-April 19 

Month of Hesius (Ar) 
First Hand: April 20-April 24 
Second Hand: April 25-April 29 
Third Hand: April 30-May 4 
Fourth Hand: May 5-May 9 
Fifth Hand: May 10-May 14 
Second Passage Hand: May 15-May 19 

Month of Camerius (Ar) or Selnar (Ko-Ro-Ba) 
First Hand: May 20-May 24 
Second Hand: May 25-May 29 
Third Hand: May 30-June 3 
Fourth Hand: June 4-June 8 
Fifth Hand: June 9-June 13 
Third Passage Hand: June 14-June 18 

Month of En`Var (First Resting) 
First Hand: June 19-June 23 
Second Hand: June 24-June 28 
Third Hand: June 29-July 3 
Fourth Hand: July 4-July 8 
Fifth Hand: July 9-July13 
Fourth Passage Hand: July 14-July 18 

Fifth Month 
First Hand: July 19-July 23 
Second Hand: July 24-July 28 
Third Hand: July 29-August 2 
Fourth Hand: August 3-August 7 
Fifth Hand: August 8-August 12 
Fifth Passage Hand: August 13-August 17 

Sixth Month 
First Hand: August 18-August 22 
Second Hand: August 23-August 27 
Third Hand: August 28-September 1 
Fourth Hand: September 2-September 6 
Fifth Hand: September 7-September 11 
Sixth Passage Hand: September 12-September 16 

Month of Se`Kara (Second Turning) 
First Hand: September 17-September 21 
Second Hand: September 22-September 26 
Third Hand: September 27-October 1 
Fourth Hand: October 2-October 6 
Fifth Hand: October 7-October 11 
Seventh Passage Hand: October 12-October 16 

Eighth Month 
First Hand: October 17-October 21 
Second Hand: October 22-October 26 
Third Hand: October 27-October 31 
Fourth Hand: November 1-November 5 
Fifth Hand: November 6-November 10 
Eighth Passage Hand: November 11-November 15 

Ninth Month 
First Hand: November 16-November 20 
Second Hand: November 21-November 25 
Third Hand: November 26- November 30 
Fourth Hand: December 1-December 5 
Fifth Hand: December 6-December 10 
Ninth Passage Hand: December 11-December 15 

Month of Se`Var (Second Resting) 
First Hand: December 16-December 20 
Second Hand: December 21-December 25 
Third Hand: December 26-December 30 
Fourth Hand: December 31-January 4 
Fifth Hand: January 5-Jaunuary 9 
Tenth Passage Hand: January 10-January 14 

Eleventh Month 
First Hand: January 15-January 19 
Second Hand: January 20-January 24 
Third Hand: January 25-January 29 
Fourth Hand: January 30-February 3 
Fifth Hand: February 4-February 8 
Eleventh Passage Hand: February 9-February 13 

Twelfth Month 
First Hand: February 14-February 18 
Second Hand: February 19-February 23 
Third Hand: February 24-February 28 
Fourth Hand: March 1-March 5 
Fifth Hand: March 6-March 10 
Twelfth Passage Hand: March 11-March 15 
Waiting Hand: March 16-March 20

It should be noted that the Wagon People of the Plains of Turia also name their years according to events which mark their passage, example; " The Year Tarl of Bristol Came to the Wagon People".

Gorean Time

IHN: the Gorean second (1.35 earth seconds)
EHN: the Gorean minute, it consists of 80 ihn (1.8 earth minutes or 1 minute, 48 seconds)
AHN: the Gorean hour, it consists of 40 ehn (1.2 earth hours or 1 hour, 12 minutes) the Gorean day consists of 20 ahn